OVAHS Continuous Quality Improvement

The OVAHS board and management team are committed to providing quality services and are continually developing activities to improve services to the Aboriginal people of the Ord Valley.

A Quality services are about doing the best we possibly can to give our patients the best health outcomes.

Complaint, Compliment and Suggestion

A OVAHS encourages patients to let us know what they think about our service. If you have any complaints, compliments or suggestions please:

Fill in the form found on the medical reception counter (If you need help a staff member will be happy to assist you or speak to an OVAHS staff member).

Trish Hill manages all complaints, compliments and suggestions. All complaints, compliments and suggestions are fed back to the OVAHS Board and Senior Management team to help us continue to make improvements.

Medical Records & Reception Manager - Trish

OVAHS and AGPAL Accreditation

The Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL) role is to support doctors practices and Aboriginal Medical Services to give excellent service to their patients.

AGPAL do inspections and write reports on how well the organisation is going and ways in which we can do better.

OVAHS first achieved AGPAL Accreditation in 2007, and every three years are re-assessed to ensure standards of patient care are met. In 2010, 2013 and 2016 OVAHS continued to be successful in being awarded AGPAL Accreditation.

To find out more about AGPAL Accreditation view:http://www.agpal.com.au/community/

OVAHS Listens to Our Patients

A part of the AGPAL assessment is for patients to fill in the Practice Accreditation and Improvement survey (PAIS). In June 2017, 118 OVAHS patients filled in the survey, the surveys were sent to an independent company who carefully looked at what had been written. A report was then sent to OVAHS outlining what patients thought of OVAHS clinical services.

OVAHS have prioritised the main areas of patient concern and are currently working on:

Wait Times

All staff will now have 30 minute lunch breaks instead of 1 hour so they can see more patients earlier in the day. This has changed our opening hours; we will not close 30 minutes earlier. Please see our clinical services page for full details on opening hours


OVAHS has reintroduced appointments (Aboriginal patients only). Patients have the choice of walking in and waiting to see a GP or making an appointment. OVAHS contact page has details of how to make an appointment.

Telephone Contact

OVAHS phone contact system is currently under review. OVAHS Contact page has extensions for the different OVAHS service areas.

After-hours Services

OVAHS contact page has details of after hours service providers.

Home Visits

SSU staff, Child Health Staff and Chronic disease Staff all do home visits.

Waiting Time to See a Doctor

By developing an appointment system this means that patients are able to be seen quicker by the doctor of their choice.

Information on Fees

See OVAHS About Us page for information on fees.

OVAHS and ISO Accreditation

OVAHS Board, Management team and staff are excited to have ISO accreditation.  ISO stands for International Standards Organisation.

ISO has more than 19,500 International Standards covering almost all parts of technology, services and business. From food safety to computers; agriculture to healthcare- ISO International Standards touches all our lives.

OVAHS is using ISO standards for:

  • planning and implementing best practice
  • the board leading the way in strategic planning
  • supporting staff to strive for excellence
  • continuously reviewing and improving all services

To find out more about ISO accreditation view:http://www.iso.org/iso/home.html

OVAHS Quality Management System (QMS)

OVAHS uses a computer software system developed by 20|20 Integrated Solutions Pty Ltd. This system is where all OVAHS information on policies and procedures – or what to do and how to do it it properly – is stored. It is also a way of keeping track of what changes need to be made to improve our services and if the changes are happening.

To find out more about OVAHS QMS view:http://www.logiqc.com.au/

For further information on our Continuous Quality Improvements speak with an OVAHS staff member or email us your questions, see OVAHS Contact page.