FASD Prevention Program

For more than 5 years the FASD team have become leaders, in Kununurra and surrounding areas, in health promotion activities and education.  They have sustained an all of community approach, to education about FASD, using innovative and imaginative ways to increase community knowledge. The program was originally funded through MG OES but is now COAG funded.

The FASD team prioritises the education and support of antenatal clients and their family; providing sessions throughout their pregnancy on FASD, AOD, sexual health and contraception.

The team have developed cultural, gender and age appropriate program plans and resources which are used when working with individuals, groups, and at community events. These resources are also displayed at places frequented by the community such as other aboriginal corporations, OVAHS clinic, hospital, local hotels, schools, the picture theatre and supermarkets.

To this the FASD team network with other service providers, such as other medical services, work ready programs, rehabilitation, Aboriginal corporations, education department, child care centres and DCP targeting workers and clients to develop opportunities to provide information about FASD prevention to the whole community.

 They provide regular education sessions, including sexual health, to students, both at town and community schools and out of school at camps and youth programs.

For individuals, groups or organisation’s who require information or would like education sessions on FASD please contact 9168 1288 ext 269,  or come into OVAHS medical reception.

Mental Health and AOD services

The Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug (AOD), service team offer counselling,  support and referrals  for Aboriginal people experiencing problems with AOD,  trauma,  families and relationships, grief and loss. The team work closely with the OVAHS clinic staff and visiting psychiatrist to ensure that clients have holistic health care. The team organise and support people to attend rehabilitation facilities in WA and the NT. 

Contact with clients is at OVAHS or on outreach visits to people’s homes and local communities. The team travel to Wyndham fortnightly to visit OVAHS clients in the township, and at the rehabilitation service.

Although, the primary focuses of the MH & AOD services is on counselling, advocacy and referral of individual clients, the team are also active in mental health promotion and educational activities about mental health.

Community people who require support or counselling may come into OVAHS medical reception or ring 9168 1288 ext: 296